A message from CJ Hughes ~ Owner & lead designer

Please don't trust your business image to a factory, nerd, bee, crowd, bench
or some website that throws clipart at you from 99 different "designers."

Stop now and review my portfolio and my price.  I offer
affordable logo design at a decent rate.  You can call and talk to ME, not a phone bank in another country.

I have designed logos for over 13 years, I'm in the United States and you will have a professional logo with every file you will ever need.  No gimmicks, no tricks, not contests. I'm not the cheapest logo designer online because I'm not the worst logo designer online.
If you are trusting someone to develop your business branding for $5, $10 or even $100 you are making a mistake.  That cheap price will cost you hundreds when you try to have it printed.  Save yourself time and money,


From independent construction contractors to large construction companies we have developed builder logos for dozens of construction firms.  Large or small we can develop a great construction logo design for your company.
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