Custom Business Logo Design, Custom Business Website Design, Custom Business Stationery Design specializes in custom logo designs.  We want to be YOUR logo desinger and assist you with your business logo design needs.
We also offer custom website design services for small business and churches.   If you are looking to order a logo design online from a trustworthy company
we can help.  Our business logo professionals have been creating logos for over 11 years.
While our custom logo design service is not free, it IS very affordable.  If you own a company that is in need of a new logo
design pelase call us today to buy your logo.  You can view hundreds of logo samples in our logo design portfolio.
Need logo ideas?  Our logo portfolio is a great place to start, from cafe to corporate logos, it contains hundreds of custom
logo designs.  We are professional logo creators, and we've been designing logos for over 11 years.
Creating logos is an art not left to a free online logo creator or a logo design software program.
Those cheap online logo designs can wind up costing you hundreds and headaches.
View our logo design samples for some of the best custom logo design projects online.
We also develop custom church logo designs.

About my business / church website package:
Considered by many a business owner to be the best
website design deal online my website design package is feature rich and super cost effective.  Fill out our website design and hosting quote form to receive a website design quote within 24 hours.
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About my logo design services:
My  logo design services are fast and affordable.  Most logo design projects are completed in 4-12 business days.  I offer custom logo design and tailor your logo design ideas and concepts to YOUR business or church.  I use only original designs based on your input and my expertise.

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About my website design services:

I specialize in information driven, billboard type websites.   If you have a business, service, event, group, or church and need to tell the world all about it, I can assist you.  My website designs are original, eye-catching, and easy to navigate.  I can include image galleries, blogs, video, music and more.  My website design and hosting services are best suited for those looking to have someone host and update their site for them, so they donít have to.  I have developed and host websites for all sorts of businesses including restaurants and law firms.  Choose a website design package with hosting, or a business starter website design package that includes a business logo design and stationery layouts.
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About my graphic design services:
Graphic design is where it all started for me, developing print materials for local businesses.  Today I can develop graphics for almost any print medium from 1-3 color Pantone color layouts to full color CMYK layouts.  I develop your print files to YOUR printerís specifications for ease of printing.  I can develop your stationery, brochures, flyers, postcards, anything that can be printed.
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About my stationery design services:
More than likely the place your new logo will be used most will be on your letterhead, business card and envelope layouts.  I have developed hundreds of stationery layouts and are familiar with all the different types of printing processes and requirements related to them.  From the initial design to the final print ready file I have the experience necessary to develop quality stationery layouts that get the job done.
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Welcome to - Why Choose me for your design needs?

My name is CJ Hughes & I have designed logos online since 2001.  There are a lot of logo, website and graphic design options online.  Here is why I hope you will choose my services over those.

- My face.  It may seem like a small thing, but that's me in the photo.  Try finding the actual face of the owner of any other logo design service online.  That should tell you I am proud of what I do, and that I want you to know who I am.

- My name, phone number and direct email.  When you hire me to design your business or church logo, your business website or stationery, or for your graphic design needs you work directly with me.  You can call or email me directly.

- My experience.  I have personally developed over 3000 logo designs since beginning my business in 2001.  I am not an offshore third party designer, I am not a college student trying to build their portfolio, I'm a professional designer with years and years of experience.

Please review my logo, website and graphic design portfolios.  If you have any questions feel free to call.
If you are ready to get started please fill out the project form.  You don't have to pay until you hear back from me.  I respond to every submission personally.  Once your comfortable make your payment to begin your logo or website project.

I look forward to working with you.
Best Regards,

CJ Hughes
615-482-2839 (M-F 9-5 Eastern)
CJ Hughes - founder of